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VHA Innovators Network (INET)

The VHA Innovators Network (iNET) is a network of 33 VA medical centers changing the way employees think and solve problems through training and accelerated operationalizing innovation.

Hospital acquired pneumonia prevention by engaging nurses (HAPPEN)

Brushing teeth is saving Veteran lives

Created by the Salem VA Medical Center (Salem, Virginia)

Intermediate Care Technician

To augment the VA workforce with former military combat medics, medical technicians, and corpsmen in a unique health care role that: Utilizes their vast array of clinical skill-sets for Veteran care; Decreases overall visit waiting times and improve access to healthcare to make the VHA the “treatment of choice;” and, Improves the transition of this highly trained and skilled work force from DoD to Veteran care with a career pathway for professional healthcare roles.

Created by the VA Northeast Ohio Healthcare System

Mobile Prosthetic and Orthotic Care (MoPOC)

Expanding access to world-class VA Orthotic & Prosthetic clinical services

Created by VISN-20

My Life, My Story (MLMS)

Listening to Veterans. Honoring their stories.

Created by the William S. Middleton Memorial Veterans' Hospital (Madison)

National Center for Lung Cancer Screening (NCLCS)

Reducing lung cancer deaths

Created by the Portland VA Medical Center (Portland, Oregon), San Francisco VA Medical Center, Charleston VA Clinic (Charleston City Hall Lane), Durham VA Medical Center, Cincinnati VA Medical Center (Cincinnati, Ohio), Brooklyn VA Medical Center, Minneapolis VA Medical Center (Minneapolis, Minnesota), Lieutenant Colonel Charles S. Kettles VA Medical Center (Ann Arbor)

Parenting and Problem Solving Group for Veterans & Their Families

Program for Veteran’s and their families to help parents develop/improve positive communication between themselves and their children, decrease negative or undesirable behaviors and to teach life skills to their children in the areas of problem solving, emotional regulation and frustration tolerance.

Created by the Providence VA Medical Center

Perinatal Reproductive Education Planning and Resources (PREPARe)

A wrap-around, multi-disciplinary approach to Veteran Perinatal Care.

Created by the Orlando VA Medical Center

Physical Therapy Embedded Within PACT

Embedding PT in PACT improves access to care, function, and Veteran satisfaction by providing immediate care and reduces community care and cost.

Created by the James A. Haley Veterans' Hospital (Tampa, Florida)

PRIDE In All Who Served

Improving Care for LGBTQIA+ Veterans through a Health Promotion Group

Created by the Hampton VA Medical Center

Reducing Hospital Admissions and Amputation Prevention: Remote Temperature Monitoring

Eliminating amputation, reducing ER visits and hospital admissions

Created by the Cincinnati VA Medical Center (Cincinnati, Ohio)

Sexual Health and Fertility in SCI: An Interdisciplinary Approach

Let's talk about sex! Assessment of sexual health concerns in spinal cord injury (SCI) and education on sexual health and intimacy in SCI.

Created by the St. Louis VA Medical Center-Jefferson Barracks (St. Louis Jefferson Barracks)