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Welcome to VA Immersive

Defining a new reality in health care delivery and experience through immersive technology.

VA Employee  helping another individual with immersive technology headset

About VA Immersive

VA Immersive is transforming care by bringing immersive technology, such as Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) -- collectively known as Extended Reality (XR) -- to Veterans and VA staff. We help design, develop, and deploy immersive tech for chronic pain, anxiety, depression, physical therapy, recreation therapy, PTSD, and much more. VA Immersive shares resources, lessons learned, successes, and failures across VA. We have engaged VA facilities, frontline staff, and administrators across the country in conversations and efforts related to bringing immersive technologies to VA.

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Our mission is to define a new reality in health care through immersive technology like virtual and augmented reality, reinforcing why Veterans and staff choose VA.


This year, our community is aligned with VHA Priorities and focused on using immersive technology and tools for clinical use (e.g., behavioral health, pain management, physical rehabilitation) and employee engagement and education.


Our community has grown over 30% in the past year and expanded to more than 145 facilities; we aim to reach all interested VA healthcare systems in the next two years. 

Where We Are

VA Immersive innovations are currently being adopted at VA healthcare facilities across the country. Use the map to explore these locations or browse individual innovations.



Featured by VA Immersive

  • Two Veterans wearing virtual reality headset.

    Virtual Reality for Pain and Anxiety Management

    Created by Loannis A. Lougaris Veterans' Administration Medical Center (Reno, NV)

    This program utilizes a VR head mounted display and healthcare-specific software to address pain and anxiety management through positive distraction. Within the WNCVAHCS, VR has been utilized with over 400 Veterans with 66% of Veterans experiencing a decrease in acute and/or chronic pain and 95% with a decrease in anxiety.

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  • VA Employee helps patient with virtual reality headset

    REAL System, y-Series

    Created byVHA Extended Reality (XR) Network

    In November 2021, SoldierStrong donated Penumbra, Inc.'s REAL y-series, virtual reality (VR) devices that deliver immersive therapeutics designed to engage patients during their rehabilitation journey, supporting areas such as functional skills and cognition. 

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  • VA Immersive logo image

    Extended Reality (XR) 101 Training

    Virtual (VA Access)

    This live, knowledge-based webinar will allow VA healthcare teams to study all of these topics in a structured, standardized manner and better support the care needs of their patients when integrating immersive technology and to ensure all are receiving proper guidance how to do so safely.

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  • 125th Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW) National Convention

    July 27 - Aug. 1, 2024, Louisville, Kentucky

    Every year, thousands of VFW and Auxiliary delegates gather to represent the organization’s more than 1.4 million combined membership at the weeklong VFW National Convention. 

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  • Virtual reality hand therapy: A new tool for nonopioid analgesia for acute procedural pain, hand rehabilitation, and VR embodiment therapy for phantom limb pain

    Published in Journal of Hand Therapy on May 30, 2020

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  • Effect of Immersive Virtual Reality on Pain and Anxiety at a Veterans Affairs Health Care Facility

    Published in Frontiers in Virtual Reality in 2021

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"Immersive technology is not how we will change VA care delivery and experience in the future; it is how we are transforming health care today."

-Anne Lord Bailey, PharmD, BCPS

"As soon as you get a patient in a headset, you see first-hand how immersive technology is transforming Veteran lives."

-Caitlin Rawlins, <span dir="ltr">MSN, RN, CHFM</span>