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Welcome to the Age-Friendly Health Systems Movement in VA

Reimagining the landscape of healthcare for our aging Veteran population.

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Age-Friendly Health Systems Initiative

Just as older Veterans are redefining later life as they continue to enrich our communities, VA is reimaging the landscape of health care for our aging Veteran population. The future of health care requires bold approaches that value older Veterans, consider their wishes, address their unique needs and provide them with the best care possible. 

Improving the way we care for older Veterans in every setting can help us achieve fewer avoidable hospital readmissions, better outcomes, more satisfied patients and families and lower overall costs. That’s why VA’s Office of Geriatrics and Extended Care (GEC) has joined the Age-Friendly Health Systems movement – an initiative to deliver safe, reliable, high-quality health care in every setting based on what matters most to Veterans.


To provide evidence-based care guided by the 4MsWhat Matters, Medication, Mentation, and Mobility. The 4Ms are a framework to improve care for older adults in any clinical care setting.


Empowering and equipping clinicians to with the tools, knowledge, and ability to improve workflows and reliably provide 4Ms care. 


With over 140 facilities engaged in the movement, VA is on track to become the largest integrated Age-Friendly Health System in the nation. 

Where we are

Age-Friendly innovations are currently being adopted at VA healthcare facilities across the country. Use this map to explore these locations or browse individual innovations. 

Featured by the VA Age-Friendly Team

  • Older person speaking with healthcare worker.

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  • Older Veterans in a gym working out


    Created by Durham VA Medical Center (Durham, NC)

    Evidence-based exercise and health promotion clinic that targets older Veterans at risk for institutionalization by physical limitations that are modifiable with exercise intervention. 

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  • Medical professional assisting older patient with walking in a hospital setting.


    Created by Durham VA Medical Center (Durham, NC)

    STRIDE is a supervised walking program for older Veterans admitted to the hospital with medical illness. 

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  • Older patient in hospital bed speaking to a physician.

    The Surgical Pause

    Created by Omaha VA Medical Center (Omaha, Nebraska)

    The Surgical Pause is a simple yet sophisticated Risk Analysis Index (RAI) to screen Veterans for frailty in 30 seconds.

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  • Image of a white noise machine, black in color.

    The White Noise Project

    Created by Charles George Department of Veterans Affairs Medical Center (Asheville)

    Simple, effective, and safe white noise machines are being distributed to hospitals around the country as an adjunct to sleep and providing privacy and comfort to Veterans.

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  • Stock image of a pill container spilled over on a counter.


    Created by Eugene J. Towbin Healthcare Center (North Little Rock)

    VIONE is a practical methodology designed to facilitate a patient-centered approach to optimizing medication therapy and reducing potentially inappropriate medications.

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