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Office of Primary Care

Primary Care (PC) oversees program and policy related to the delivery of primary care in VHA, as well as implementation of VHA’s patient-centered medical home model, the Patient Aligned Care Team (PACT). VA Primary Care honors America’s Veterans by providing quality and accessible primary care to all Veterans through PACT, placing the Veteran at the center of their health care team. Primary Care promotes team based, patient-centered care that focuses on a personalized, integrated, comprehensive and coordinated approach to health care. Primary Care actively partners with other Program Offices to develop and evaluate innovative programs that integrate VHA resources into the PACT model.

Advance Care Planning via Group Visits Program

Engaging Veterans in group discussions to develop an advance care plan

Created in January 2012 by the Eugene J. Towbin Healthcare Center (North Little Rock)

Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease Coordinated Access to Reduce Exacerbations (COPD CARE)

Empowering interprofessional care teams to optimize COPD management.

Created in October 2015 by the William S. Middleton Memorial Veterans' Hospital (Madison)

Colorectal Cancer Screening with Programmatic Mailed FIT

A program to mail FIT kits for CRC screening directly to Veterans in mass.

Created in February 2021 by VISN-21

Contraception on Demand

Expanding contraceptive access via pharmacy consults and 12-month supply

Created in May 2020 by the Pittsburgh VA Medical Center-University Drive, Seattle VA Medical Center

CPRS Booster/Robotic Employee Accelerator

Booster: Turbocharging employee work efficiency while dramatically improving work satisfaction! Goodbye Burnout!

Created in October 2020 by the Minneapolis VA Medical Center (Minneapolis, Minnesota)


Breaking barriers to improve the care for Veterans with Diabetes.

Created in September 2020 by the Pittsburgh VA Medical Center-University Drive


Enhancing quality of care by communicating health needs collaboratively

Created in June 2012 by the Jennifer Moreno Department of Veterans Affairs Medical Center (San Diego, California)

Increasing Access to Primary Care Using Pharmacist Providers

Pharmacists open access by shifting appointments & saving time.

Created in September 2014 by the William S. Middleton Memorial Veterans' Hospital (Madison)

Intermediate Care Technician

To augment the VA workforce with former military combat medics, medical technicians, and corpsmen in a unique health care role that: Utilizes their vast array of clinical skill-sets for Veteran care; Decreases overall visit waiting times and improve access to healthcare to make the VHA the “treatment of choice;” and, Improves the transition of this highly trained and skilled work force from DoD to Veteran care with a career pathway for professional healthcare roles.

Created in January 2013 by the VA Northeast Ohio Healthcare System

Physical Therapy Embedded Within PACT

Embedding PT in PACT improves access to care, function, and Veteran satisfaction by providing immediate care and reduces community care and cost.

Created in January 2008 by the James A. Haley Veterans' Hospital (Tampa, Florida)

Preventing Post-Operative Readmissions with Surgical Safety Net

Enhancing Experience & Reducing Re-Admissions for Veterans Having Surgery

Created in April 2020 by the Pittsburgh VA Medical Center-University Drive

RAVEE: Reaching All Veterans @ Every Encounter

RAVEE with Columbia Suicide Severity Rating Scale to achieve P2A goals.

Created in January 2023 by the Bath VA Medical Center, Canandaigua VA Medical Center, Rochester Calkins VA Clinic, Elmira VA Clinic, Rochester Clinton Crossings VA Clinic, Wellsville VA Clinic, Wellsboro VA Clinic