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The words Contraception on Demand appear in color on a pale pink background. Some letters in the word Contraception have been replaced with icons for methods of contraception (for example, an IUD instead of the letter 't').

Contraception on Demand

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Contraception on Demand (COD) offers VA facilities the opportunity to expand contraceptive access for Veterans, improve Veteran experiences with reproductive healthcare at VA, and expand VA clinical pharmacists' scope of practice and job satisfaction. The practice is easy to adopt and implement and is achievable at a low cost to the individual facility and an estimated cost savings for the health system at large.

This innovation is scaling widely with the support of national stakeholders. See more scaling innovations.


7 successful, 4 in-progress

Awards and Recognition:

Diffusion of Excellence Promising Practice, VHA Shark Tank Winner


Clinical Pharmacy Practice Office, Office of Primary Care, Pharmacy Benefits Management Services, Women’s Health