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Increasing Access to Primary Care Using Pharmacist Providers

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Through a multi-modal approach, a team at the Madison VA positioned our pharmacist providers to offload 27% of primary care provider appointments, increase referrals through education, improve team satisfaction, and save primary care providers 20 minutes on average for new patients, which they were then able to reallocate time to necessary patient care needs.

This innovation is scaling widely with the support of national stakeholders. See more scaling innovations.


22 successful

Awards and Recognition:

VHA Shark Tank Winner


Clinical Pharmacy Practice Office, Diffusion of Excellence, Office of Primary Care, Office of Rural Health


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First time that this PACT team (including the pharmacist provider) was all in the same room together discussing how they would conduct team meetings and provide more proactive team based care.


A critical component of this practice is engaging front-line staff actually doing the work in co-design of the processes. In this picture, you can see leadership together with front-line pharmacists, LPNs, MSAs, RNs, and PCPs designing how the new processes will work.


Director of El Paso at the time, Gail Graham was heavily engaged in the implementation of this practice and provided unrelenting support. Her collaborative and supportive mindset helped set the stage for adoption of this practice.



A conversation with Dr. Ryan Vega and Dr. Ellina Seckel about the Diffusion of Excellence Gold Status Practice - Increasing Access to Primary Care Using Pharmacist Providers