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  • Please see the video at top of this page
  • 1. Self-Reported Efficiency: in an anonymous survey of over 900 Booster users, employees were asked to rate how much Booster increased their efficiency compared to any other CPRS enhancement in their employment history. On a 0 to 10 scale where 0 indicated Booster wasn’t helpful and 10 indicated that Booster was the “Most helpful enhancement ever”: providers, nurses, pharmacists and MSAs all rated Booster as 9 or greater (avg).
  • 2. Spontaneous national spread: one marker of Booster’s value to employees is the degree of spread/uptake. While we cannot directly track usage, we do know the number of people who have (voluntarily) watched the Booster instructional video: this now over 30,000 employees. This likely represents a minimum number of users since many Booster users start using without watching this video.
  • 3. Qualitative: Please see top video above for unsolicited feedback from Booster users