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Clinical Pharmacy Practice Office (CPPO)

The Clinical Pharmacy Practice Office (CPPO) is a Pharmacy Benefits Management (PBM) Services Program Office with a goal to transform VA clinical pharmacy practice to provide the highest standard of care for our Veterans and position the VA as a model of clinical pharmacy practice for diffusion and innovation throughout the U.S. Healthcare System. CPPO is committed to optimizing VA clinical pharmacy practice across all care settings to improve access and provide safe quality care in a cost-effective manner while maintaining Veteran experience as a top priority. CPPO works to ensure that Veterans have access to comprehensive medication management services provided by the Clinical Pharmacy Practitioner (CPP) and develops strategies to empower the pharmacy workforce to adapt to changing needs of our Veterans as part of a high reliability organization.

Allergy to Beta Lactam Evaluation (ABLE)

Improving outcomes by clarifying & clearing penicillin allergies.

Created in November 2016 by the Memphis VA Medical Center

Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease Coordinated Access to Reduce Exacerbations (COPD CARE)

Empowering interprofessional care teams to optimize COPD management.

Created in October 2015 by the William S. Middleton Memorial Veterans' Hospital (Madison)

Contraception on Demand

Expanding contraceptive access via pharmacy consults and 12-month supply

Created in May 2020 by the Pittsburgh VA Medical Center-University Drive, Seattle VA Medical Center


Breaking barriers to improve the care for Veterans with Diabetes.

Created in September 2020 by the Pittsburgh VA Medical Center-University Drive

Increasing Access to Primary Care Using Pharmacist Providers

Pharmacists open access by shifting appointments & saving time.

Created in September 2014 by the William S. Middleton Memorial Veterans' Hospital (Madison)

Utilization of PACT Clinical Pharmacy Technician (CPhT) in Population Health Management

Utilization of Clinical Pharmacy Technicians for population health recruitment can improve efficiency of Clinical Pharmacist Practitioners providing Comprehensive Medication Management for Veterans

Created in August 2020 by the Kansas City VA Medical Center (Kansas City, Missouri)

Video Blood Pressure Visits (VBPV)

Blood Pressure monitoring using VA Video Connect.

Created in January 2018 by the James A. Haley Veterans' Hospital (Tampa, Florida), John J. Cochran Veterans Hospital (St. Louis John Cochran)