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Virtual Reality for CLC Residents and the Cognitively Impaired

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VR use in CLC populations, including use with patients with mild to moderate cognitive impairment, has been shown to decrease pain intensity, anxiety, boredom, and concerning behaviors (e.g. restlessness, agitation, etc.) while improving Veteran experience and engagement with complimentary or alternative modalities. VR provides a safe, effective mode for providing positive distraction, reminiscence therapy, and access to nonpharmacological modalities potentially impacting quality of life, social isolation, and need for medication utilization in VA long-term care, short-term rehabilitation, and hospice facilities.

This innovation is replicating across multiple facilities as its impact continues to be validated. See more replicating innovations.


2 successful, 10 in-progress

Awards and Recognition:

ANCC Pathway Award, iNET Spread Investee



  • 130 Veterans experienced VR with positive clinical outcomes
  • CLC employees believe VR to have a positive impact on clinical outcomes and employee experience