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Kicking CAUTI Campaign

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Asymptomatic bacteriuria (ASB) is a benign and extremely common condition in Veterans in acute and long-term care and does not merit antibiotic treatment. Unfortunately, most healthcare providers confuse bladder colonization (ASB) with symptomatic urinary tract infection (UTI) in patients with urinary catheters, thus leading to overdiagnosis of CAUTI. Antibiotics given for ASB can cause harm to the Veteran receiving them, in terms of causing adverse side effects, C. diff colitis, or inducing resistant superbugs that can cause future infections. Overdiagnosis of CAUTI falsely elevates facilities’ healthcare associated infection rates. Our intervention helps reduce testing for and treatment of ASB with antibiotics, thus also saving VHA resources, while reducing CAUTI rates. Reducing CAUTI rates can lead to improved SAIL metrics for a facility.

This innovation is replicating across multiple facilities as its impact continues to be validated. See more replicating innovations.


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Awards and Recognition:

VA HSR&R IIR funding (09-104 and 16-025), VA HSR&D Best Research Paper of the Year 2016 | https://www.hsrd.research.va.gov/for_researchers/awards/bestpaper2016.cfm


Diffusion of Excellence, Health Services Research & Development



  • The Kicking CAUTI intervention led to a 71% reduction in screening for ASB and a 75% reduction in treatment of ASB at the Houston VA Medical Center, the initial site of implementation.

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CA: West Los Angeles VA Medical Center (West Los Angeles)
  • Started adoption on 05/2019, ended on 06/2020.
FL: Bruce W. Carter Department of Veterans Affairs Medical Center (Miami)
  • Started adoption on 02/2019, ended on 06/2020.
MI: Lieutenant Colonel Charles S. Kettles VA Medical Center (Ann Arbor)
  • Started adoption on 06/2019, ended on 06/2020.
MN: Minneapolis VA Medical Center (Minneapolis, Minnesota)
  • Started adoption on 02/2019, ended on 06/2020.
TX: Michael E. DeBakey Department of Veterans Affairs Medical Center (Houston)
  • Started adoption on 04/2010, ended on 07/2012.

There are no in-progress adoptions for this innovation.

There are no unsuccessful adoptions for this innovation.




Dr. Barbara Trautner delivers a Kicking UTI intervention session at Grand Rounds, Minneapolis VAMC September 2019


Side 1 of the Kicking UTI algorithm card


Side 2 of the Kicking UTI algorithm card