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In certain situations the ability to eat or take medications by mouth may be compromised. Enteral tubes are life-saving tools to assist with nutrition and medication administration. However, not all medications are safe to be administered by enteral tube.

Improved Safety of Enteral Tube Medication Administration

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Administering medications through an enteral tube (ET) is a frequent cause of errors, resulting in increased morbidity and costs. By leveraging technology within the patient record system and utilizing medication use experts, our innovation enhances the safety of medication administration via enteral tube.

This innovation is emerging and worth watching as it is being assessed in early implementations. See more emerging innovations.


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  • 41 e-consults completed with CROC alert added, enhancing enteral tube safety for 41 unique veterans.
  • Inappropriate enteral tube medication orders reduced by 85.4%.
  • 35 potential medication errors were avoided. One study found that the cost of a primary ET complication was $1071. Extrapolating, we estimate a cost avoidance of $37,485 by preventing the 35 inappropriate medications from reaching Veterans. If this is implemented at all VAs, the number of error reductions and cost savings could increase exponentially.
  • Staff that utilized the e-consult and CROC were surveyed and 100% of those surveyed had improved experiences and perceptions of safety when prescribing or processing ET medication orders.

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