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A portable drink cart on display in an outdoor area surrounded by greenery. The cart has two upper levels and a lower lockable portion with the doors open. The upper levels have a Keurig coffee maker, virtual reality headset with case, warm beverage pods, and assorted individual snacks.  The lower lockable levels showcase meditation coloring pages, pencils, and other individual size self-care items for use.

Employee Well-Being Centers and Carts

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Employers are recognizing that to have a healthy, productive work force-- and to improve patient outcomes-- sincere and action-oriented efforts must be made to improve Employee well-being. The Employee Well-Being Centers and Carts afford a unique and sustainable way to customize well-being interventions based on employee feedback and space available.

This innovation is replicating across multiple facilities as its impact continues to be validated. See more replicating innovations.


March 2020, Orlando VA Medical Center


14 successful, 5 in-progress

Awards and Recognition:

iNET Spread Investee, Diffusion of Excellence Shark Tank Finalist FY22, Diffusion of Excellence Promising Practice, VHA Shark Tank Winner


Healthcare Environment and Facilities Programs, Patient Centered Care and Cultural Transformation, VA Center for Development and Civic Engagement, XR Network



  • Out of 103 staff responses, the three (3) rooms are rated at 4.76/5.0 for experience and 4.70/5.0 for user return rate

Diffusion tracker

Does not include Clinical Resource Hubs (CRH)


FL: Clermont VA Clinic (Clermont)
  • Started adoption on 04/2022.
FL: Deltona VA Clinic (Deltona)
  • Started adoption on 08/2022.
FL: Lake Baldwin VA Clinic (Lake Baldwin)
  • Started adoption on 11/2020.
FL: Orlando VA Medical Center (Orlando)
  • Started adoption on 05/2020, ended on 11/2020.
FL: Tavares VA Clinic (Tavares)
  • Started adoption on 06/2022.
FL: Viera VA Clinic (Viera)
  • Started adoption on 03/2022.
FL: West Palm Beach VA Medical Center (West Palm Beach)
  • Started adoption on 01/2022.
MS: Biloxi VA Medical Center (Biloxi)
  • Started adoption on 01/2022, ended on 01/2023.
NC: Charles George Department of Veterans Affairs Medical Center (Asheville)
  • Started adoption on 01/2022, ended on 08/2022.
NC: Fayetteville VA Medical Center (Fayetteville, North Carolina)
  • Started adoption on 01/2022.
NV: North Reno VA Clinic (North Reno)
  • Started adoption on 06/2023.
NY: Brooklyn VA Medical Center (Brooklyn)
  • Started adoption on 01/2022.
NY: St. Albans VA Medical Center (St. Albans)
  • Started adoption on 01/2022.
PA: Pittsburgh VA Medical Center-University Drive (Pittsburgh)
  • Started adoption on 01/2022.

There are no unsuccessful adoptions for this innovation.