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Stay In VA

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Stay in VA is a practice focused on employee retention through employee engagement. It is about promoting a trusting environment for employees to express their ideas and experiences to supervisors, managers, and leadership. Likewise, supervisors and managers are afforded the opportunity to learn more about employees and how best to capitalize on the employee’s skill sets.

Stay in VA is modeled after an industry best practice referred to as “Stay Interviews”, which involves questions designed to encourage dialogue between a supervisor and employee. A touchpoint is a time when an employee and supervisor get to select a place of their choosing to sit down, relax, and simply have a conversation about goals, pain points, and expression of ideas; it is far different than a performance appraisal discussion. Stay Touchpoints are conducted at 30 days and 90 days for new employees and then annually thereafter.

This innovation is scaling widely with the support of national stakeholders. See more scaling innovations.


February 2017, Tomah VA Medical Center


1 successful, 4 in-progress

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VHA Shark Tank Winner


Diffusion of Excellence, Office of Nursing Services, Veterans Experience Office, Workforce Management and Consulting


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