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Environmental Management Services Training Specialist

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Our practice increases standardization of work and highlights environmental care in a healthcare setting is at its’ best when process driven. It establishes clear expectations for new employees while providing a platform for ongoing training and education for established employees. The training specialist networks with facility subject matter experts on a variety of topics to augment in-service training needs, acts as a service level TMS administrator, performs literature review research, as well as develops appropriate curriculum as needed. Our practice also embeds components of Whole Health to better support a Veteran majority staff.

This innovation is replicating across multiple facilities as its impact continues to be validated. See more replicating innovations.


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Diffusion of Excellence Promising Practice, VHA Shark Tank Winner


Diffusion of Excellence, Healthcare Environment and Facilities Programs


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Lack of, insufficient, or poor-quality training were previously a reliable complaint among environmental technicians at the Madison VA. Since implementing our training specialist practice, such statements are far and few between. All employee surveys show marked improvement in all three categories of employee development, job performance competency, and communications/expectations over the 4 year time span measured.


The data demonstrates William S. Middleton Memorial Veterans Hospital consistently outperforms the VISN (12) and National patient satisfaction levels regarding the cleanliness of their rooms, but also demonstrates a marked increase with patient satisfaction over the 4 year time span measured. These increases are in spite of chronic short staffing and high turn-over rates.