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Virtual Integrated PCMHI (VIP) Hub

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The Virtual Integrated PCMHI (VIP) Hub is a fully virtual PCMHI program that can be deployed through a hub and spoke model for facilities struggling with PCMHI staffing and implementation at rural and smaller CBOCs, providing Veterans with equitable standards of behavioral healthcare including same day access through virtual Warm Handoff (vWHO), early identification of mental health concerns, and rapid initiation of care.

Recognized as a 2019 VISN 4 Best Practice, the VIP Hub consolidates staffing at the hub site, leverages existing telehealth technology like VA Video Connect (VVC) and Clinical Video Telehealth (CVT) for all PCMHI functions at the remote site, and preserves vital space, since all PCMHI follow-up care is provided virtually.

This innovation is replicating across multiple facilities as its impact continues to be validated. See more replicating innovations.


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The VIP Hub provides direct benefit to Veterans at rural and smaller CBOCs by providing equitable standards of behavioral health care, including immediate same-day access through virtual Warm Handoff (vWHO), suicide prevention, early identification of problems, and rapid initiation of care. Those who will receive follow-up care with the VIP Hub will also experience added convenience and reduced travel expense since the care can be provided virtually.


Primary Care teams benefit from immediate access to VIP clinicians for curbside consultation about mental health concerns and a streamlined process to initiate behavioral health assessment and care.


Facilities benefit from improved mental health access, improved PACT21 rates, and improved availability of space in CBOCs since all follow-up care by PCMHI is provided virtually.