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Mixed Reality to Manage Phantom Pain (Mr. MAPP)

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Mr.MAPP is a mixed reality system that combines VR and computer vision technologies in a novel technology application. Mr.MAPP employs off-the-shelf RGB-D cameras such as Microsoft Kinect to capture and generate a 3D model of the person in real-time. An illusion of the virtual limb is crafted by mirroring the patient's preserved limb in the captured data using computer vision and graphics techniques. Mr.MAPP framework has successfully solved the following problems: a) capturing live 3D models of individuals, b) generating the 3D model of the missing limb in real-time, c) generating corresponding mirror movement in real-time, and d) rendering the 3D model of the person along with the simulated missing limb for an immersive and interactive experience. Also, to make the therapy sessions more engaging, fun and non-monotonous, we designed an attractive virtual environment and games with engaging tasks.

This innovation is emerging and worth watching as it is being assessed in early implementations. See more emerging innovations.


January 2020, Dallas VA Medical Center


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  • We are evaluating outcomes using the following outcome measures: 1) McGill Pain Questionnaire (MPQ) scores and 2) Brief Pain Inventory (BPI) scores. Functional outcome variables: Patient specific functional scale (PSFS) on which goal attainment on a pre-identified set of 3 functional goals is assessed on a 0-10 scale. Secondary outcomes: 1) Medication use: We will monitor and evaluate medication use for pain control (to include acetaminophen, topical therapies, non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medications and opioids) to evaluate if improvement in outcomes is associated with any corresponding decrease in use of pain alleviating medications, 2) System use and exercise adherence information will be evaluated using real-time digital data recorded on the system including number of repetitions, dates and times of exercises, as well as game performance data.

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TX: Dallas VA Medical Center (Dallas)
  • Started adoption on 01/2020.

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Schematic illustration of Mr.MAPP use in treating phantom pain